Sunday, 6 September 2009

My kitten Cora

found this under a pile of old papers in the loft at the very start of this month. All I have been so far able to ascertain are her dates of birth and death. I've tried to google for the lady but without success although her idol and paragon Somerville Gibney has been a cemetery in East Cheam, London.

My Kitten Cora
My kitten Cora tells no lies,
Plays with the light behind her eyes.
Hisses sparks at my iv'ries pressed,
Music bores her, no interest.

Remember my kitten? Pray tell,
How she purred with delight to smell
"Old Gibney", "Tweed Turtle".
Release My Cora. Her agonies, cease.

Come sweet tonight! Waken Cora.
I'll not stir, freely adore her!
If you hear my voice, do not mind.
I pleasure in sharing your find.

1 comment:

  1. Hi! if you wish to find more about Somerville Gibney I am his great grand son.

    Regards Peter Garwood