Thursday, 3 September 2009

Introducing....Miss Bliss

I'm so excited to be able to present to you the escapades and romantic desires of the wonderful Miss Bliss. The following blogs will all contain excerpts from the journals and poetry of the over-looked Victorian poet Esme Montebank-Bliss. I have been fortunate to have stumbled upon these papers and hope that you may share my fortune. May I first take pleasure in bringing you the following lines of palpable devotion bestowed toward the lady's beloved, writer Somerville Gibney.

To Somerville (1887) by E. M. Bliss

I emote within your diction Mr Gibney.
Caring to recline, pressing light on each line
Until, statuesque in pose ye shall come.
I must restrain this heart for reverie it is only so.

These curtains are heavy, I am stultified!
Release me with your light essence.
Carry me to my unburden, my Heathcliffe
And let the sands stop when at last embraced I.

By Miss Esme Montebank-Bliss (1870-1932)

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